Conference Dates: April 25 - 29 • Expo Dates: April 27 - 28McCormick Place Convention Center, West Building, Chicago, Illinois


Whether it is an advertisement in our print, digital or online offerings, or signage in the convention center, getting your message seen by conference attendees is a vital part of your exhibit experience. Becoming a conference advertiser makes your marketing dollars go further and last longer. Through advertising, you’ll enhance the attendee's conference experience, while increasing your company’s presence and impressions with customers.

IAHCSMM offers multiple opportunities for any budget that will help get you noticed and be remembered by conference attendees. We hope you’ll join us as a conference advertiser!


Advertising Print


One of the basic axioms of marketing is that it takes multiple impressions on target buyers to induce them to make a purchase. The more varied these touchpoints, the greater the impression and motivation to favorable action. Attendees who receive conference printed materials at check-in make a conscious decision to read it!

The printed conference advertising opportunities IAHCSMM provide are valuable resources that all attendees receive and refer to again and again as they navigate the Conference. Print advertisements are a great way to market to SP professionals, boost your exposure and help you secure long-term business.

Please note: to add a printed advertisement at the IAHCSMM 2020 Annual Conference & Expo, your company must be registered as an exhibitor on the expo floor.

Conference Program and Guide to the Expo

All exhibitors receive a complimentary listing with company name, booth number and 150-word description in the Guide to the Expo section of the Conference Program. This listing can be enhanced with advertisements, logos and additional contact information. The Conference Program and Guide to the Expo is distributed to over 1,600 conference attendees.

$5,000Back Cover
Sold to Aesculap
$4,000IBC Spread
(Guide to the Expo Section)
$2,500IFC (Left Side)
Sold to SurgiMark
$2,5000IFC Right Side
(Conference Program Section)
$2,000Full Page
(Included with Premium Partners)
$1,500Half Page
$100Company Color Logo
(Included with Professional
and Premium Partners)
$50Website Listing
(Included with Professional
and Premium Partners)

Conference Pocket Program

Attendees of the conference receive a pocket program included with their handout materials, referenced often for a quick and easy view of the daily conference schedule. The Pocket Program is distributed to over 1,600 conference attendees.

$3,500Back Cover
Sold to Case Medical


Attendee Bag Inserts

Take your message directly to conference attendees with your handout in each registrant’s tote bag. Advertiser is responsible for printing and shipping of inserts. Bag inserts are distributed to close to 1,600 conference attendees.

$2,500Per Insert


Shuttle Transportation Wraps

Showcase your company with shuttle bus wraps, greeting attendees as they travel to and from the convention center and their hotels. Pricing includes wrapping per shuttle for the duration of the conference (Sunday – Tuesday).

$7,500Single Shuttle
$40,000All Shuttles

Hotel Keycards and Room Drops

Put your company in the hands of attendees by imprinting your company logo, graphics and contact information on IAHCSMM conference hotel room keys. Or have your literature delivered to each attendee’s hotel room and be top of mind before they even arrive at the expo. The host hotels will not provide room drops without prior authorization from IAHCSMM. Advertiser is responsible for printing and shipping of all drop materials. Rates are for host hotel only.

$10,000Hotel Key Cards
Sold to Stryker
$10/dropHotel Room Drops

Add a Print Advertisement

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Nowadays, customers have access to information any time and any place they want or need it. Thanks to the Internet and advanced phone technologies, most people are able to access information via computers, tablets or mobile devices. These digital opportunities allow for more direct interaction with conference attendees or offer consistent messaging usually at the attendee’s fingertips.

The digital advertising opportunities IAHCSMM provides are valuable resources that all attendees reference before, during and after the Conference. Digital advertisements are an increasingly more popular way to market to your existing customers, build relationships with new clients and maximize your presence to attendees.

Please note: to add a digital advertisement at the IAHCSMM 2020 Annual Conference & Expo, your company must be registered as an exhibitor on the expo floor.

Mobile App

Attendees and exhibitors alike download the complimentary conference app, offering detailed descriptions of all conference events, plus speaker bios, exhibitor profiles, maps and an interactive messaging board.

$15,000App Sponsor
Sold to STERIS Corporation
$5,000GEO Fence
Convention Center
Sold to STERIS Corporation
$5,000GEO Fence
Host Hotels
Sold to STERIS Corporation
$3,000Rotating Banner Ad
with Landing Page
Sold Out: STERIS Corporation & Getinge
$2,500Rotating Banner Ad
without Landing Page
Sold Out: Halyard Health
$2,000Activity Feed
Sponsored Content
Sold (2 of 5) to STERIS Corporation
$1,000Push Notification
$100Color Logo
Included with Premium & Professional Partners

Transition Slide

Stand out from the crowd with an advertisement promoting your company, brand or booth. Ads are included with transition slides during educational session breaks and are repeated once per break, Sunday – Tuesday.

$3,000Per Slide



Attendee Registration Emails

Include your advertisement in the footer area of confirmation emails sent to all conference attendees. Your ad can direct attendees to your exhibit location or provide an additional incentive to visit your booth.

$5,000Attendee Confirmations
$5,000Attendee Know Before You Go
Sold to Key Surgical

Conference Website

Include your advertisements on website pages dedicated to the IAHCSMM Annual Conference & Expo. Rates shown are for a six-month period, starting from the date the advertisement is received.

$5,000Horizontal Banner
Sold to Key Surgical



Shuttle Transportation Videos

Capture the attention of attendees with a short introductory video of your company, your brand or a product launch, as they are shuttled from the host hotels to the convention center.

$5,000Per Day

Add a Digital Advertisement

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Branded signs that stand apart from the subtle venue signage are much more distinguishable for conference attendees. Because of their highly visual nature, event signage provides plenty of opportunities to promote your brand, helping ensure your success at the show.

When you add signage to your advertising budget, your company will have increased visibility to conference attendees, offering huge business potential in return. Conference signage is your most creative opportunity to incentify attendees to visit your booth, build recognition of your products or services, and market your company’s attendance at the show.

Please note: to add signage at the IAHCSMM 2020 Annual Conference & Expo, your company must be registered as an exhibitor on the expo floor.


Make a grand impression with attendees by utilizing concourse banners to promote your brand, product or service. Eye-catching in both size and color, your message is sure to stick with attendees as they walk around the conference facility. Or make a big bold statement with these balcony banners and remind attendees what your booth number is, which products and services your offer and the value you add to their departments back home.

$10,000Each Concourse Banner
Sold: 2 of 10 – Innovative Sterilization Technologies
$5,000Each Fascia Balcony Banner


Meter Signs

One-meter tall signage is the perfect height for an advertising opportunity. Put your brand at eye level and remind attendees of your booth location and product/service offerings.



Light Boxes

Showcase your company in a whole new light with these double-sided, one-meter high signs, with built-in lighting to make any booth invitation shine.

$3,500Per Light Box


Directional Pyramid

Conveniently placed in the center of a common area, your message will reach traffic from multiple angles. Provide different artwork for two panels or repeat your messaging on both (one panel reserved for directional/mapping of center).

$4,500Per Pyramid

Charging Station

As attendees sit, mingle and recharge their batteries, offer a reminder of other products and services they can view at your exhibit booth. Artwork available on dual sides of the station.

$6,500Per Station


Aisle Banners

Aisle banners offer the advertiser an opportunity to remind attendees of their booth location and offerings throughout the hall at key aisle markers.

$1,200Single Banner
$10,000All Banners



Lead attendees to your booth location with a quick reminder of your booth number, literally at their feet. Specialty cut-outs available for additional fees. And take advantage of McCormick Place’s four stacked floors, which means that attendees will spend some time with your brand as they ride an escalator to educational sessions.

$2,500Single Floor Cling
+ $500For Special Cut-Outs
$5,000Set of 3 Clings
+ $1,500For Special Cut-Outs
$4,000Escalator Cling, Lower to Mezz Level
Sold to Stryker
$5,000Escalator Cling, Mezz to Expo Level
Sold to Stryker

Social Media Zone

What better way to make a BIG and BOLD statement than by utilizing a cutout to share a word that represents your brand with conference attendees. Smile, Click, Post! Make sure your logo is front and center in every photo opp at the 2020 conference. Advertiser logo will be placed on the background of this Social Media Photo Zone. Not only the perfect photo opp but also the perfect way to remind attendees of your brand long after the conference.

$15,000Exclusive Sole Advertiser


Graffiti Wall

Encourage attendees to share why Sterile Processing is important to them with their peers on this branded Graffiti Wall. Advertiser logo will appear across the top of the wall and branded markers will be included in the conference tote bag.

$5,000Exclusive Sole Advertiser
Sold to Medline Industries


Zig Zag Wall

An Art Wall is a great way to invite attendees to interact with your brand and your products/services. The zig zag formation of the wall provides the viewer with two messages, viewable one at a time depending on which direction you look at it. A fun and inviting way to connect with customers. Measures 8’ high by 20’ wide.

$7,500Exclusive Sole Advertiser
Sold to Halyard Health

Step & Repeat Wall

Put your brand front and center in a photo opp backdrop that attendees can snap photos in front of and share with their friends, families and followers! Red carpet not included but this 10’x40’ backdrop will make attendees feel like they’ve hit celebrity status. The wall will be placed just outside the main entrance to the expo and will have your company logo printed multiple times in a step and repeat pattern.

$5,000Exclusive Sole Advertiser


Cube Tower

Show off your products and services from every angle. Each cube provides four panel displays stacked three cubes high at the convention center.

$6,500Per Tower
Sold (1 of 6) to Stryker


Staircase Decals

Offer attendees a chance to interact with your brand as they count their steps throughout the conference facility. Take a step up from your competition and put these staircase decals to work for you!

$6,000Lower to Mezz Level
Sold to Stryker
$7,500Mezz to Expo Level
Sold to Styrker

Secure Signage

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Do you have a question regarding demographic information, deadlines and important dates, or how to enhance your expo experience? Please visit our FAQ section to learn more.

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