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All of life is a process. From the physical process of your daily routine to the mental process of solving problems and making improvements. Even a seemingly simple process of daily activities that feed your soul. These things often have layers of skilled processes that build on each other to create a tangible outcome. That is the essence of sterile processing in a healthcare setting- layers upon layers of skilled processes. Without well-trained people and documented processes at the foundation of patient procedures, the carefully curated goal of patient safety can begin to unravel.

Join host Jon Wood, IAHCSMM Clinical Educator, for thought-provoking interviews about the processes, both large and small, that impact Central Service/Sterile Processing professionals and patients’ lives as a direct result. Jon and his guests will give an in-depth look at the physical and mental processes that stand as an essential base for an industry that thrives on a countless number of these integrated processes; Processes that are held together by dedicated professionals to keep everything in forward motion toward positive patient outcomes.

Each episode is worth 0.5 CE and a new episode of PROCESS THIS! will be released twice a month starting in October 2019. Stay tuned!

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